Few artists understand how to write the perfect song better than Joost Zweegers. Examples are enough: Mars Needs Woman, Because, Cruel Heart, Lost & Blown Away, The Best is Yet to Come and of course the beautiful classic Wrong. Back in 2018 the last Novastar long player 'In the Cold Light of Monday’ was released. Singles ‘Home is not Home’, ‘Holly’, ‘Cruel Heart’ and ‘Word’s Out’ were immediately embraced and quickly kicked it into the quintessential Novastar playlist. Joost has also continued to write during the dark Corona period and continue working on songs for his new album. This was going to be recorded in London and Brighton in the autumn of 2020. However, the virus that has been in control of the world for almost a year and a half has decided otherwise. Fortunately, modern technology helped a hand and the new album is ready. And what an album it has become… but we'll have to wait a little bit longer.

Like ‘in the Cold Light of Monday’, Mikey Rowe (UK) was the producer in charge. Mikey Rowe and Joost became friends over the years. In this special live year Mikey will join Joost on stage once. Joost and Mikey got to know each other during the recording of Novastar's ‘Inside outside’ album. The ‘click’ between the two men is musical so big that Mikey has now taken on the production of the acclaimed album ‘in the Cold Light of Monday’ and the new Novastar album to be released in 2021. Mikey Rowe's CV speaks for itself: He worked with big names such as Mick Jagger, Ed Sheeran, Paolo Nutini, Sheryl Crow, Oasis etc etc. his main focus is still working and touring with the Great Noel Gallagher.

A special evening did you say? I thought so.