W-festival gets in overdrive! Wang Chung, Doganov & Lords of Acid on WFest2018!

W-festival gets in overdrive! Wang Chung, Doganov & Lords of Acid on WFest2018!

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We are less than 200 days away from the W-festival and again there is great news about the line-up!

On Thursday, August 16th we add another great name to our list.  None other than the group Wang Chung, one of the 80ties heroes that will get you 'hall days' on the dancefloor!

On Friday, August 17, Doganov will open the Wave Cave. Doganov was recently one of the stars at Winterfest and launched their brand new single earlier this week!

There is also special news from our headliner Lebanon Hanover. The singer proudly announces that around the date of her performance, on August 19, she will in all likelihood give birth. That this does not have to happen 'on stage', speaks for itself. So Lebanon Hanover moves to 2019. W-fest lives up to its name and reputation by looking for and finding a worthy replacement...

In America they are still very hot, in Belgium it has been a while since we have been able to enjoy them and their show, but now the time is right: LORDS OF ACID will close the Sunday with a new show and new work. A spectacular final of the Wave Cave!

Did you already have a ticket for W-fest? Good for you! Do you not have one yet? Then you can find the link here! Do not hesitate any longer and secure your place. This will be amazing!

Artist interviews by Luminous Dash

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