Oh the fun we have…

Oh the fun we have…

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... to read all the conversations in response to our riddles :-)

Is your heart pumping? Y’all have nerves like steel? What questions are burning inside you? Are you on the right track or are you left in the dark ?

Let your thoughts run free and keep following us, we’re almost there!!


Surinx Kathy's top 3
  1. Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics)
  2. Original Sin (INXS)
  3. Hey Little Girl (Icehouse)


Anita Bellemans's top 3
  1. Can't live in a livingroom(Red Zebra)
  2. Alice(The Sisters of mercy)
  3. Scared of yourself(Zornik)


matthias van vynckt's top 3
  1. Warm Leatherette (The Normal)
  2. Sex Dwarf (Soft Cell)
  3. Wigglin' Around (Tone Set)

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