Only 100 days until WFest 2018, time to pick out an outfit!

Only 100 days until WFest 2018, time to pick out an outfit!

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It’s that time of the year, springtime. And with spring, comes the inevitable countdows. Countdown to summer, countdown to summer holidays, but above all, countdown to WFest 2018: only 100 days left!

In addition to these countdowns, there’s also spring cleaning your wardrobe and the showdown of your fashion mistakes from last summer. ‘Why on earth did I buy this?’

But before you throw out your parachute pants or geometric patterned shirt, just remember that the 80’s was an era that will never go out of style. A decade that threw out the rule book when it came to fashion. We are talking about shoulder pads, scrunchies, leggings and leg warmers, pastel suits, lots of eyeliner, big hairsprayed hair, fanny packs, … we can go on and on…

We’re sure you still got some pictures left of your Bow Wow Wow moment, your Chequered Love episode on The Night You Murdered Love?

Who’s (wo)man enough to share this with the rest of us, WFest fans? The biggest fan who dares to take on this challenge wins a total make-over during the festival on the festival venue. We’ll choose the best (or worst :-)) picture from the bunch.

Relax, just do it… It’s hammer time!


Koen Menu's top 3
  1. New dawn fades .Joy division
  2. Tv treated . Neon judgement
  3. The art of conversation. Red zebra


Patrick Maes's top 3
  1. The Human league: love action
  2. Sisters of mercy: Alice
  3. Martha and the Muffins: Echo beach


Gert Spreuwers 's top 3
  1. Second skin (the chameleons)
  2. Rotor babe (click click)
  3. Winning (the sound)

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