KLOOT PER W GROUP is the brand new band from, indeed, the iconic Kloot Per W (once born as Claude Perwez). Introducing him in a few lines is not evident. Without Kloot Per W, the book "The History of Belpop" would at least be a few chapters lighter, that much is certain. As a solo artist or as a driving force with bands such as The Misters, The Employees ("Pick-it Up"), Polyphonic Size and De Lama's (“De Ideale Penis") - just to name a few. The list of musical adventures is long, the number of releases even longer.

At the end of last year, Kloot Per W did a few concerts with good friend Mauro Pawlowski to promote their album 'Insider / Outsider' - a much appreciated concept album with an eclectic mix of rock, new wave and pop (the single 'The Land Of The Most Forgotten‘ was well received on Belgium's Radio 1).

But now a new musical chapter - and a premiere for W-Festival - Kloot Per W Group. Kloot Per W, with a 5-piece band and a set-list that combines the best of rock, wave and pop. The band is working on a brand new EP and the single "Nuits Blanches" will be on your radio soon.